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Poker player loses appeal against London casino

December 6, 20160

Faites vos jeux, Mesdames et Messieurs Wouldn’t it be great if you could enjoy a night of poker at a…

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Iceland launches legal action against grocery chain

December 6, 20160

What’s in a name? You’d think that any sovereign nation would have inalienable rights over its own country’s name and…

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Picasso masterpiece in ownership dispute

October 12, 20160

Picasso dispute Ownership of a Picasso masterpiece is at the heart of a lawsuit that will be played out in…

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Getty Images red-faced over copyright tussle with photographer

August 22, 20160

If a picture paints a thousand words… While Getty Images is rightly famed for its extensive library of stock pictures,…

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Ashley Madison woos suitors through fake fembot profiles

July 15, 20160

Flirting by numbers For those seeking an extra-marital affair, a discreet website that enables people to hook up might seem…

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Hall of fame football veteran in concussion lawsuit

July 14, 20160

The perils of blows to the head It seems that concussion lawsuits are being pursued by footballers more vigorously these…

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Apple in lawsuit over alleged copyright infringement

July 13, 20160

Leader of the tech pack If there’s one thing tech giant Apple is famous for, it’s innovation. The company’s reputation…

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Turner Prize winner in plagiarism row

July 2, 20160

A hard pill to swallow Experimental artist and Turner Prize winner Damien Hirst is famous for his thought-provoking and often…

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Chrysler in lawsuit over Star Trek actor death

July 1, 20160

Tragic death lends weight to class action lawsuit US vehicle manufacturer Fiat Chrysler has come under the spotlight after Star…

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Getty files complaint against Google over market dominance

June 29, 20160

Gaining an unfair advantage? Google is hitting the headlines in Europe again as news emerges that photo agency Getty Images…

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