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Starbucks lawsuit alleges too much ice and too little coffee

May 30, 20160

Can I have some more, please? As summer gets underway and people start hankering after an iced beverage, news has…

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Wrongful death lawsuit filed by family of baseball star

May 26, 20160

No smoke without fire The family of a baseball Hall-of-Famer have filed a lawsuit against the tobacco industry it feels…

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Ivy League graduate faces charges in investment scam

April 15, 20160

Too good to be true? A former Princeton and Harvard alumnus has sent shock waves through New York’s financial community…

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US women’s soccer team in equal pay complaint

April 13, 20160

Equal pay on the agenda The issue of gender equality has received a boost this week from a sporting angle,…

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French challenge Italians in carbonara row

April 13, 20160

A storm in a cooking pot When it comes to cooking national dishes, not only should we be wary about…

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Stairway to Heaven in US lawsuit

April 12, 20160

All that glitters is gold? It’s the song that hundreds of thousands of middle-aged rockers think of as one of…

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Uber faces fake vomit complaint

March 15, 20160

Feeling nauseous? We all get car sick from time to time. For taxi drivers who ferry passengers home at all…

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Law student sues school for job fail

March 11, 20160

Putting career prospects under the microscope With the cost of education sky-high and many students having to make significant sacrifices…

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Apple in hot water with customers over Error 53 complaint

March 10, 20160

Service unavailable If you’ve paid several hundred dollars for the latest and greatest iPhone, you might be justifiably miffed if…

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Japan in gender harassment row

March 4, 20160

Workplace harassment Japan is making little headway in closing the gender gap, if a recent government report on sexual harassment…

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