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Samsung halts Galaxy Note 7 production

October 11, 20160

Fire in the hold Following a flurry of alarming reports that Galaxy Note 7 smartphones were overheating – and even…

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Yahoo under fire for data hack and email snooping

October 10, 20160

Hard times for Yahoo It’s not been a good month for Yahoo. No sooner had the company announced it had…

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Transgender students face setback in bathroom row

September 30, 20160

Gender directive blocked in Texas In a move that’s seen by many civil rights campaigners as a backward step in…

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Apple and Google join forces to defeat robocallers

September 29, 20160

Is there anybody there? If you’ve ever been plagued by automated calls trying to get you to part with your…

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Grindr billionaire loses assets in costly divorce

September 28, 20160

A sure thing? As every week brings news of the breakup of yet another celebrity couple, it seems as if…

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Amazon accused of pushing customers to spend more

September 26, 20160

Best buy? While online retail leviathan Amazon likes to think of itself as ‘the Earth’s most customer-centric company’, the algorithms…

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Threat of jail for vegan parents in Italy

August 24, 20160

Vegan parents threatened with jail If you’re worried that feeding your kids the odd fast-food meal or letting them gorge…

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Kickass Torrents in international piracy sting

August 23, 20160

Pirates ahoy! The US justice department is chasing down one of the world’s biggest online piracy operations as it launches…

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Harley-Davidson in US air pollution settlement

August 22, 20160

Something in the air For motorbike aficionados, the throaty roar of a Harley-Davidson is unmistakable. But a modification sold to…

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Getty Images red-faced over copyright tussle with photographer

August 22, 20160

If a picture paints a thousand words… While Getty Images is rightly famed for its extensive library of stock pictures,…

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