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YouTube in copyright controversy

November 3, 20160

The sky’s the limit Millions of people around the world have their own YouTube channel. While most will languish in…

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Webcams recalled after ‘Internet of Things’ security hack

November 2, 20160

Brave new world? As science fiction becomes science fact and the ‘Internet of Things’ promises us a joined-up world in…

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Arrests made in bogus IRS phone scam

November 1, 20160

Investigation leads to arrests A multi-agency investigation into a widespread IRS scam has resulted in the arrest of dozens of…

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Celebrity photo hacker receives jail term

October 31, 20160

Just desserts Two years after illegally obtained nude photos of dozens of female celebrities were posted to the internet, the…

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Wall Street hedge fund in bribery settlement

October 13, 20160

Bribery and corruption Manhattan-based Wall Street hedge fund Och-Ziff has been instructed to pay $400 million to settle charges relating…

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Picasso masterpiece in ownership dispute

October 12, 20160

Picasso dispute Ownership of a Picasso masterpiece is at the heart of a lawsuit that will be played out in…

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Samsung halts Galaxy Note 7 production

October 11, 20160

Fire in the hold Following a flurry of alarming reports that Galaxy Note 7 smartphones were overheating – and even…

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Yahoo under fire for data hack and email snooping

October 10, 20160

Hard times for Yahoo It’s not been a good month for Yahoo. No sooner had the company announced it had…

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Transgender students face setback in bathroom row

September 30, 20160

Gender directive blocked in Texas In a move that’s seen by many civil rights campaigners as a backward step in…

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Apple and Google join forces to defeat robocallers

September 29, 20160

Is there anybody there? If you’ve ever been plagued by automated calls trying to get you to part with your…

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